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For over 15 years, the Trigon Academy has been creating quality martial artists in the Commack/East Northport community who embody the true spirit of the martial arts; physical fitness, respect, self discipline, focus, and genuine skill. With classes for ages 3 & up taught by full-time instructors, our clean, fully equipped facility offers a full schedule of over 50 classes a week to accomodate your busy lifestyle.  We offer separate programs in Goshin (self defense) Jujutsu, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Fitness Kickboxing, and children's classes.  

The name "Trigon" is an ancient Greek/Latin word for "triangle", which has significant meaning in many styles of martial arts, both technically and conceptually.  Each side of the triangle supports the other equally, allowing the entire object to remain intact so long as all of its foundations remain uncompromised.  Just like 3 legs supporting a table, of all the shapes, the triangle has the least points of contact while still remaining stable.  The triangle structure defines the format of movement and footwork in many systems of martial arts, and it also symbolizes the relationship between MIND-BODY-SPIRIT in training. 






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